88 Dip

Marion's Oldest Fast Food Restaurant has a whole new life.

50's style hamburger joint with modern ideas. Burgers, fries, pizza, fried chicken, salad menu, and deli sandwiches. Place where folks come for a good meal, then hang around and visit for awhile. Best breakfast anywhere

[09/11/17] Lunch Special: Grill Cheese & HomeMade Veg Soup 3.99
11 am to 2 pm only!

[09/11/17] Thanks everyone for another crazy busy weekend at The Dip. We really got covered up for supper last night. I am excited about the number of pizzas you guys are ordering. Hearing lots of good comments about our new pizza, especially about the $7.99 price!
Today's special: Grill Cheese and HomeMade Veg Soup $3.99

[09/10/17] Sunday Plate Lunch Menu:
Chicken & Dressing, FRIED CHICKEN, Roast Beef,
Country Fried Steak, Liver & Onion, Grill Salmon,
Grilled/Fried/or Blackened Pork Chop,
Grill Chicken Breast
Macaroni & Tomato, Corn, Mash Potatoes, Slaw, Pickled Beets, Green Beans, Fried Okra
Roll or Fried Corn Bread

[09/07/17] We had a nice turnout of folks this morning to talk with Vince Clark. Vince hung around for a good while answering questions and talking to folks. Please remember to vote on September 12.

[09/03/17] Our new pizzas are really selling! Having a few issues with the cheese, we'll get that figured out and make them even better. I think everybody is liking the $7.99 price! We're still serving Hunt Brother's pizza, but I think these are better!

[09/03/17] It has truly been a busy weekend at the Dip. Very busy Friday, especially for breakfast, almost another record day. Then Today was just wild this morning. I hope we got everyone taken care of, didn't have time to look up much. Then breakfast rolled straight into lunchtime non-stop. Tonight busy again. Our biggest Saturday Yet! It's great to see the Dip back up to where it was, and to have record sales days after 5 years is incredible. Thanks so much to everyone.

[09/02/17] We're trying out a new pizza at The Dip. For 'The Dip Pizza', we are making them ourselves. We have the same toppings as with Hunt's Brother's Pizza, will have more varieties coming.
Better yet, they are only $7.99 ! Try one out & let us know what you think

[08/24/17] Friday night, Frog Legs, Catfish, White Beans & Hush Puppies. Come get ya some!

[08/22/17] Well the eclipse came & went, and everything is still the same. No power or phone outages, no looting. Just insanely quiet. The whole gang at the Dip sat at the picnic tables out front and watched. I was amazed at how nice the out of town folks were all during the weekend. We were incredibly busy. Another record day Sunday, but busy all weekend. Had folks from virtually every state ease of the Mississippi, and several from Canada. It was so strange, after the eclipse, it was like a cosmic force changed everyone's demeanor. Had lots of less than happy folks. Don't know if they felt cheated that the eclipse was so short or what (think that was pointed out ahead of time a lot), but everyone's demeanor changed. We survived it though. We ran out of several items, so I drove to Owensboro to pick up some supplies. Traffic was pretty bad going, easy coming back. Just saying I really appreciate our Crittenden County & Western Kentucky folks more than ever. Glad we see a lot of our friends everyday and we usually stop and talk for a little bit. It's great to be from our small town.

[08/21/17] I've been wondering and wondering when all these thousands of people were going to get here for the eclipse. I think they've all been in the Dip this weekend. Whew! Doesn't seem like a lot of extra traffic, but we've had some wonderful folks in from everywhere. Talked to people from Ontario, Canada, Indianapolis, Louisville, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio, Upper Michigan, Chicago, Texas, and lots of other places. Everyone has been incredibly nice, some really excited to be on a road trip & having a good time.
I hope our regular folks will work with us, we are out of several menu items. We will re-stock as soon as we can (Even though we ordered extra of almost everything we could fit in the building). It's been a fun weekend at The Dip. Excited to see what tomorrow brings. We're delivering meals to the airport tomorrow for people who are flying in. One thing's for sure, it'll be dark for a little over a minute & a half tomorrow!




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113 Sturgis Rd
Marion, KY

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Monday 6am - 9pm
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