Wang Sushi is Tacky

I used to think these guys were good but that was until my wife had a thumbtack in her Summer Roll. Yep, a very sharp, clear thumbtack in a rice paper roll

The owner here does not care at all about solving problems. When you have a problem all of a sudden he has a hard time with English! Stay away!

[06/07/15] 2015-05-12T14:07:03
I had sushi there on Friday and my server Ryan was very mean and he told me to eat shit. I also think he needs to figure out how to speak. I called the NJ food department because I saw one guy drop the suczi and put it back on table. Please help.~Wang Li Bing

[06/07/15] Reviewed by: njfoodservice on: 2015-05-12T14:16:17
We have been trying to contact Wangs Sushi about ServeSafe and food safety certifications for a number of weeks only to be ignored. New Jersey State requires all staff and management to be current on all training and certification regarding food safety and service. We have at this time no choice but to issue a warning to all customers and do all we can to reach out to the restaurant in hopes of compliance.

[06/06/15] Owner Ryan seems to have a problem with the NJ Foodservice as well. Keep acting this way Ryan! Go to Wang Sushi at your own risk. Seriously!

[06/06/15] How does a thumbtack get into a rice paper rolled summer roll? As you were rolling it you would have HAD to have felt it. This was EXTREMELY dangerous. If my wife had eaten this I would be in jail right now. Stay away from this place.

[06/06/15] We called the owner who said it couldnt have been. I sent him the pictures and he said he would look into it. He offered us a gift certificate that was less than the dinner we ordered. He would not credit our credit card.

[06/06/15] My wife and I ordered from this restaurant and as my wife was eating her summer roll she felt a hard sharp object. The object INSIDE her Sushi roll was a thumb tack. She could have been VERY hurt.

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