Dynasty Typewriter

Dynasty Typewriter will be a new venue for highly curated live entertainment in an LA cultural landmark. Join The Dynasty!


Dynasty Typewriter will be a new venue for highly curated live entertainment in an LA cultural landmark; a place where the experience will begin the moment you walk through the door.

What does that mean? It means that not only will this be a new destination for you to see shows and films featuring the biggest names and best up-and-coming comedians, musicians, podcasters, screenwriters, and producers - it will be a place so enchanting, you'll want to write home about it.




👯‍♂️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👈the cat gals are dancing celebrating the sweet relief of not needing to make plans! ......................
WEDS 👏 Armando Players...........
THURS 👏 @chriskattanofficial and friends ..................
FRI 👏 Zach Galifianakis and @steveagee and friends....................
SUN 👏 @brettgelman ......................

We are so excited to welcome some of the best improvisers in the world to the Dynasty stage. This Wednesday, 8pm, The Armando Players featuring the fabulous Mr. @hitchmichael

#marqueemarq does not like Mondays, mostly because he loves Garfield cat and hates anything that might make him sad.

✨When greenroom 🌙dreams💫 become greenroom REALITY.
Friday night was one for the books (the book in question being our mushy diary!💞) @roryscovel’s hour is one of the best, most beautifully crafted, both highly relatable and highly absurd things we’ve ever seen. @sarahkatesilverman is a star in every way (the main 2 ways are: so incredibly funny and so incredibly nice) @_davestone killed (not pictured here. Maybe he was onstage killing at this moment!? Dave do you have an alibi!?) and @toddglassshow is a consummate heckler.
Anyway, our fav @troyconrads got this 📷 of all these dreamy people being dreamy in the greenroom and it makes us happy.

............................................................. 🎟⚡️SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT⚡️🎟

@chriskattanofficial THIS THURSDAY!!!

tickets on site!

✨AHH!!✨Show announcement - INSTAGRAM #CONTEST ALERT!! This FRIDAY we are so excited to host🚨 @SteveAgee🚨 & 🚨Zach Galifianakis 🚨THIS Friday! And we are giving away TWO TICKETS (And upgrading them to POPPLUS™ = free popcorn, baby!) HOW CAN YOU ENTER?!? Great question! Here’s how to enter: 1. Follow @DynastyTypewriter 👏2.tag a friend in the comments👏 3. repost this pic with #ZachAndStevePlease

Wow. ✨ @sarahkatesilverman ✨

Captured by: @troyconrads 👑





Tonight 🌝 9pm! Rory Scovel is going to make AN HOUR OF NEW LAUGH MAGIC! and to sweeten the already sweetest pot ever we have an amazing SPECIAL GUEST!!! Can’t tell you who but CAN tell you you really will be really excited!!!!

🎟🎟🎟🎟🎟🎟🎟🎟🎟⬅️Not many of these left! Go to site and gettem! 🤛


Is Kevin’s face stuck like that 🤪 or was it a Colombo impression? Is Whitney land 🏄🏼 surfing?? What do these two have in common other than blue cardigans and this move 💁‍♂️💁‍♀️?? FIND OUT SUNDAY!

@kevinpollak123 @kpchatshow ✨LIVE✨with the wonderful @whitneycummings!

7 pm Sunday. Grab your 🎟!

Dynasty Typewriter


😁huge exciting show announcement later today- sign up for mailing list NOWZO to get🔑 FIRST CHANCE🔑 at tix! that will go fast fast FAST http://bit.ly/2FGcdGS 🔥

dynastytypewriter.us17.list-manage.com Dynasty Typewriter Email Forms

Tonight’s 9PM ✨DAWN OF THE DYNASTY✨will be an absolute array of 💥amazing.💥We’ll have #DIDIT (Dynasty Intern 💃🏼 DANCERS💃🏼 In Training) an amazing lineup (@jenafriedman ! @shengwangtime! @clarkkimberlyl! @natecraiglive! @guybranum) and our first official 💺🎭#CHAIREMONY 🙌🌟 @ Dynasty Typewriter

🔥#internationalwomensday! 🔥🥂to all the girls ladies women womyn out there, slaying and loving and dreaming and trying and 👏living👏despite the fact that nearly every system is rigged against us and some of the most lucrative industries are built to oppress us and make us hate our physical selves so that we might never know our own power. Guess what? WE DONE. 🤝


PS 🎩 off to #dynadames @jessica___kelley and @vanessahope for doin the damn thang every day.





📜 Dynasty Dygest: Secret Guests! What's a Chairemony? Troll'd Dynah! Amethyst 4 Popcorn! 💫

📜 Dynasty Dygest: Secret Guests! What's a Chairemony? Troll'd Dynah! Amethyst 4 Popcorn! 💫 -

mailchi.mp Dearest Dynasty Darlings, Times change constantly, but this is your friendly reminder that this weekend, thanks to an antiquated system, time changes officially. And as the nation (minus Arizona, with the exception of the Navajo tribal lands) springs forward, so does the Dynasty. First, let us rem...

Multitasking like... ✨☕️🏓🙋🏻‍♂️✨


Hey you smart beautiful people 👋😍! Are y’all ready to GET NIIIIICE?!!

It’s a b’b’b BOAST RATTLE!!!!!!!!!

Brought to us by the softest softie @kyleayers!

10 pm Thursday!

Let’s get down WITH 🎺 @brass_taxes 💸! This Thursday at 8pm you’ll get brass band, brass taxes, and brassy laughs (if your laugh has a brassy quality.🤷‍♀️) And a chance to win getting your tax help!
Brought to us by Tax Darling @creaghead.
Incentives include: @adamdnewman @blacktresscomedy! @blazerramon! #jermaine Fowler! And more!!!

#mcm = #moshecrushmonday

📷🔥: @steveagee 🔥

☀️ Blue skies again! 🌞 And we are back in business! This week the #typewriter is cranking out lots of goodness! We’ve got a #brasstaxes show! A competitive compliment contest #boastrattle! And @roryscovel! And @deadpilotspod! So MUCH GOTTA KEEP WORKING LOVE U BYE 👋 CHECK SITE GET TICKETS GR8 CONTENT ALL HUMAN NO BOTS

HE’s an ex-record label head. HE’s an ex-con! But when a long-lost mutual grandma dies and leaves them the her thriving business, Don and Adrian find themselves... 🍿UNLIKELY IN POPCORN🍿
It’s THE opposites attract buddy dram-com you’ve been waiting for. LAUGHS! SNAX! SEXY MURDERS!

Feat. Dynasty ElbowGrease Ensemble players: @donaldianblack and @_adrian_aguilar

#marqueemarq 💕 loves the rain ☔️

🌧 great news LA. In addition to top talent, 🍿, 🎹, and 💨 fog 💨 machines, our theater also boasts a CEILING AND WALLS!! Escape the ☔️ relax into cozy #dynette comedy! With @mikefalzone @jesustrejo1 @localoneway @danamoonme @radtuna @rysing @lizzycooperman @jamiechristsuperstar @gregcomedy AND MORE MORE MORE #dry

👌 🍯, your Saturday is ⚖️settled. You’re coming to the ✨Dynasty! ✨! Our Saturday night is STACKED with delight.💖 FEAT. @jennyzigrino ! Ramon Rivas II! Hugh Moore! Magic by Simone Turkington! Todd Bagels! @simplymattd! AND MORE!!!

💋⚡️Link to happiness in bio! ⚡️💋⚡️ @ Dynasty Typewriter

Jinkx Monsoon

*tongue pop* YAS the Dynasty is fixing to WERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Major Scales Nick Sahoyah
"Major Scales and Jinkx Monsoon have come to showcase their new music from their upcoming album... however Jinkx worries that her best years are behind her. In order to avoid a breakdown of diva proportions Major must act as both pianist and therapist to the Manic Miss Monsoon. Music and mental health collide in this witty, biting look at the dark side of Drag fame.

It's the therapy session you can dance to."

Qurb Magazine

The Triple Door - Seattle, WA
April 7, 7pm and 10pm

On The Moon Arts

Dynasty Typewriter- Los Angeles, CA
May 9th and 10th just before RuPaul's DragCon Los Angeles 2018!

Metro- Chicago, IL
May 5th
GA: https://etix.com/ticket/p/3607937/jinkx-monsoon-major-scalesthe-ginger-snapped-chicago-metrochicagoil

VIP: https://etix.com/ticket/p/8306164/jinkx-monsoon-major-scalesthe-ginger-snapped-vip-meet-greet-chicago-metrochicagoil

Last night the Dynasty was hashtag ✨#blessed✨ by yet another beautiful show, thanks to @keeler337’s beautiful ⚡️Hour of Power Hour⚡️ finale. Thanks to the wonderful ❤️ @steveagee ❤️for capturing this shot of Buddy Cole.🍸🌕🎤(Rumor has it #ScottThompson was somewhere in the building too!)

✨we’re up in the booth reposting this backstage magic! ✨ 👋 guys! Hope glad having fun back there! You look great!

Last night 🔮✨The Dynette✨ 🔮came to life for the first time and we got a glimpse into the wild full life this theater will have and all the artists and shows that will develop and try and fail and succeed and inspire and take chances and soar or fall flat and then try again and not fall flat and evolve and... ✨It’s exciting. ✨

📜 Dynasty Dygest: Meet Dynette! HOT GOSSIP! Scandalized Grandmas! Puppy love gone feral! Puppet Contest! Amazing Shows! 💫

📜 Dynasty Dygest: Meet Dynette! HOT GOSSIP! Scandalized Grandmas! Puppy love gone feral! Puppet Contest! Amazing Shows! 💫 -

mailchi.mp Another week has passed, and our journal (Dyary) was absolutely filled with lovely scrawlings from the past 7 days. It would be unfair to keep all the entries to ourselves. So here you go. Jamie FlamGrandmaMickynymphsPrinceBobcat GoldthwaitverySky & Nancy CollinsIan HarvieZach SherwinACK!!  Kar...

Flyin’ through the week like ... ✈️🧘‍♀️!

Getting ready for our first ✨FIVE✨ consecutive nights of programming!

Sunday has begun(day).
Ahhhh. 😴No shows tonight but we are still typin’ away at the next projects the Typewriter is cranking out. This coming week we have shows more nights of the week than ever before - this week, Weds- Sunday! 😮 The Dynasty may be tired BUT SHE SHALL NEVER REST!

AND we are debuting a new use of the theater space. Ooooh!

Stay tuned lil’ Typerz!

Tomorrow Show setting off “band style” (there is a musical band called The Appian Way on stage which informs the style). Seriously this is the best place to be in LA right now and arguably the West Coast. The show is every week so come next week for sure if you aren’t here now and if you’re reading this and you are here now EYES BACK ON STAGE!!! 👀

Experience LA's new home for comedy, music, variety, and more!

Los Angeles! What if Disneyland had a bewitching young cousin who was an enchantingly intimate comedy, music, and variety venue where the biggest name talent regularly dropped in to perform? Guess what? It does! And Dynasty Typewriter is proud to present upcoming shows featuring Brett Gelman, Nicole Byer, Rory Scovel, Marcella Arguello, Moshe Kashe, secret karaoke, speakeasy witchcraft, Beat Battles, Boast Rattles, poppin' vibes & poppin’ corn!! We’re your new favorite LA home, open every week, next door to a historic mariachi restaurant with a full bar. We’ve got everything you didn’t know you needed in your life until now. Tickets to this paradise available 24/7 at dynastytypewriter.com!

Share with anyone you love to laugh with! When you Join the Dynasty you get to have new and magical experiences at our shows and events every week!

Previous special guest performers include: Adam Sandler, Hannibal Buress, Ilana Glazer, Patton Oswalt, Margaret Cho and many more!

Tonight! It’s Tomorrow! With @ronlynch1 and a cast of kooks and show folk casting spells starting at midnight. If you don’t want to miss it, you only have or option. Attend. ✨🎩✨ Thank you 🙏 @mizlyonshere for the 📸! @ Dynasty Typewriter

Friday wants you to know about her BFF- ⚡️Saturday! ⚡️Can you even with how amazing and charming and talented Saturday’s lineup is?! 👏 GOOD JOB, Saturday. We will support you. If YOU want to support Saturday, it’s easy. Get tickets to her 8pm show of shows!! ——
Link in bio, doi! @ Dynasty Typewriter

✨The 🌙night✨ is getting ready for you... are you ready for her?! ✨💋 Link for tickets in bio!

FRIDAY IS COMING. Grab that Friday fabric and hang on for your life! ✨🔥✨ We have @braunger @bobcatgoldthwait @myqkaplan @ianharvie @skyandnancycollins @weismanjake ✨🍿🔥💋 Plus shhhh secret #karaoke🎤 afterwards!!! 9pm! Link in bio! @ Dynasty Typewriter

Ok- honest to goodness for real date night tip. We are next door to an INSANE mariachi restaurant, La Fonda de Los Camperos. Go there and eat delicious food, drink, and be WOWED by the mariachi. Then walk like 15 feet to the theater for a comedy show with a lineup of the very best talent. La Fonda has valet. This is a perfect night and you seem creative and romantic and ya... it’s just so good. do people do hashtags?! #datenight #dtla #mariachi #comedy #standup


CAN YOU EVEN?! Fri day = 🔥 FIRE DAY🔥!!!! We are very excited. We will keep it poppin with 🍿 and a little after party toooo ;) oooh yeah.

📜 Dynasty Dygest: Hannibal, Bobcat, Byer, Braunger, Competitive Karaoke, Video Munching, Late Night Twitter Liaisons + A Dope Ass Winter Soup Tip 🍜

📜 Dynasty Dygest: Hannibal, Bobcat, Byer, Braunger, Competitive Karaoke, Video Munching, Late Night Twitter Liaisons + A Dope Ass Winter Soup Tip 🍜 -

mailchi.mp Dynasty Darlings-As March approaches, we like to meditate on the phrase "time marches on." Why? Because it conjures the image of a whimsical parade; Anthropomorphic clocks, watches, and abaci, marching in unison, a metaphoric illustration of humankind's inevitable march to it's own demise... OR ...

Don’t tell mom but.... WE’RE IN @playboy!!!!

#DynastyTypewriter got a lovely mention in an article about the amazing ✨@jenafriedman✨ written by the lovely @julieseabaugh!

Woo!!!! Hey! This doesn’t change anything, our eyes are up here! 💋😏

Happy #presidentsday Dynasty Darlings!



Thank you again to @pizzanista for helping us #slicethenight with that sweet #DTLA style.

Remember that Hannibal Buress #dynastydropin that happened right now?

5 consecutive sold out Sunday shows. @ilanusglazer has been an exemplary resident. We will miss her. But as they say “release the sparrow so that the sparrow may spread its wings and fly and whence the sparrow something something something and then the sparrow comes back with early worms?” 🐛 Point is: Ilana is great and we have really delicious popcorn 🍿 here now!

Vanessa likes popcorn, Jessica loves it! They have other opinions too that sometimes vary. But they always have fun usually! This Spring, get to know... Theater Sisterz®

Cuz we make the dope lights/ when they rhyme tight.

💨No fog? Then it ain’t right. 💨

This happened one week ago tonight. The #dynastyinterndancers opened the show with a jaw dropping dance that left the audience with dropped jaws. It’s the perfect way to start a comedy variety show.

Come tonight and don’t forget to bring your jaws!

This 💗FRIDAY💗 keep the Valentines love ❤️ flowing with this 💐 bouquet 💐 of talented beauts!
Also, if you forgot to get a #valentinesgift a perfect #lastminutevalentine would be tickets to this amazing show in our beautiful and date-worthy theater.
Have dinner and see mariachi beforehand @lafondadlc! Truly a perfect date and a great gift.
We can also accommodate public proposals. Let us choreograph an insane, 🎊smoke💨 machine, lights, and dance spectacle. Truly it would be our pleasure. We’ve been training our whole life for this.

Extra! Extra! We need extra help!

Things are happening fast onstage and behind the scenes, and we couldn't be more excited by the growth and creativity of our budding community. We're looking for people who are looking for a place to volunteer on show nights, watch great shows, be around nice people, contribute artistic elements to shows, and help us do stuff that we don't know how and/or are not strong enough to do. We are also looking for furniture and rugs as the space develops! If this sounds like a place you want to be and things you like contributing, email us [email protected]


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